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The ‘thing’ I want to write about today is prayers. Prayers to a higher power is the most rewarding and inexpensive thing we can do. Prayers are free. Prayers can be said anytime and anyplace. Prayers relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and sometimes the only thing we can do to help ourselves or others.


I am a Christian pray to God. Whatever religion you are, whatever beliefs you hold, and whoever your higher power is – everyone prays at some point in their lives. It may be only when something has gone terribly wrong or when we want something. I unfortunately at one time was one of those people. I only prayed when I wanted God to get me out of trouble or to give me something I had been dreaming about.  I also thought, at the time, that God wasn’t listening to me. I thought I was not worth God’s time. I thought that I was not worth anybody’s time. Good things only happened to other people but not me.


I remember sitting on my bed crying and feeling sorry for myself, Touched By An Angel was on TV. I felt hopeless. I seriously wanted to crawl under a rock a hide for the rest of my life. At one point I looked up at the TV and there was a basketball scoreboard flashing the words “GOD LOVES YOU.” That moment seemed frozen in time as all I could do is stare and it seemed like it lasted forever. But it was that very moment that changed my life. Somehow in that moment, I knew everything would be okay.


It has been five years since that moment and, trust me, I still struggle sometimes. I struggle with my faith. I struggle with staying positive.  But even through all the struggles, I always say my prayers every night before going to bed.  When I am struggling, I try to remember that scoreboard on Touch By An Angel. It really helps me tremendously.


I was raised in a rather negative home and it is difficult to change a lifetime of behaviors. With God’s help, it is possible. I wrote on Wednesday about the State of Confusion where I was confused on my career path. Even though I am confused about the path I need to follow, I know and believe with my whole heart that God will show me exactly the path I need to follow.


I used to pray for my knight in shining armor, a new job, or the latest thing on the market. I now pray for those intangible things like love, happiness, and most importantly, guidance in my thoughts and actions. I have a teenage son who is having a difficult time dealing with the divorce. I wish I could fix it right now and it irritates me that I can not. But I ask for guidance in what to say to him and what to do for him to understand that both his parents love him even if we are not together anymore.


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In Alan Jackson‘s hit song, Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning), he sings “Faith, hope, and love are some good things He gave us / And the greatest is love.” This statement is the core of my being. My prayer for myself, my children, and the whole world is that we ALL have somebody to love and somebody who loves us.


I used to think that in order to pray that it had to be some magical mix of just the right words like I heard in church. I could not come up with that magical mix. I have since learned that I do not need that magical mix, all I need to do is talk to Him. Talk to God like you would talk to a friend because he is your best friend.


What experiences have you had with your higher power? Was there a moment that changed your life? Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.