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No one in the tiny town of Boothill Texas, knows the real Shaun Murphy. Heck, most of them don’t even know his first name – and that’s the way Murphy likes it. But he can’t hide from the pretty young postmistress, Letty Madden. Letty’s brother is missing, and she knows Murphy’s the only one who can help her find him. But Murphy doesn’t need her money. So when Letty comes to him, her begging brown eyes as dark as bittersweet chocolate, he makes her a very indecent proposal.

Letty Madden is a woman of grit and faith, a woman with a mission. She’ll do anything to get her twin brother back, even if it means giving herself to Murphy. But their rendezvous is far more passionate than they ever expected… and sooner or later, they’ll have to face the fact that they’ve fallen wildly in love.

Sooner or Later” is a tale of romance, danger, and the bond between brother and sister.  This book holds up the Macomber style that we have grown accustomed to with her books.  The reader is transported to a world of danger, deceit, and greed.  It is the shoot-out at OK Corral in the modern world.

Sooner or Later” has many plot twists and the tension between Letty and Murphy is as suspenseful as the intended rescue mission.  The agony, despair, fear, and the growing heat from each other, the authorities, and mother nature jump off the page.

Macomber is the author of more than 100 novels (selling over 170 million copies worldwide), two bestselling cookbooks, numerous inspirational and nonfiction works, two acclaimed children’s books, and the Mrs. Miracle Christmas novels.  In addition to her bestselling novels, Macomber owns her own tea room, Victorian Rose Tea Room & a yarn store, A Good Yarn.

Sooner or Later” is an enjoyable book that kept me turning page after page.  I had trouble putting the book down to tend to my real life.  If you like a good romance with some danger thrown in, this is a must read for you.