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Red Hot Lies,” according to Steve Martini, New York Times bestselling author, is “an emotional roller coaster of a thriller.”

They say bad things happen in threes. When her fiance, Sam, disappears on the same day her mentor and biggest client is killed, hotshot Chicago attorney Izzy  McNeil starts counting. But trouble keeps coming. Sam is implicated in the client’s death, her apartment is broken into and it’s not just the authorities who are following her.

Now, to find Sam and uncover her client’s murderer, Izzy will have to push past limits she never imagined. Lucky for her she’s always thrived under pressure, because her world is falling apart. Fast. And the trail of half-truths and lies is red-hot.

Usually I pride myself on my intuition. I listen to that voice that says, “Something bad is happening…” or maybe “Get out. Now.” But on that Tuesday at the end of October, my psyche must have been protecting the one remaining day I still believed life was orderly and the universe like me. Because I didn’t hear that voice. I never saw it coming. – Izzy McNeil

Red Hot Lies” is a suspense filled, action packed thriller. Written in the first person, the reader feels as if they are in the midst of the action, not merely an observer of someone else’s life. The twists are clever, the suspense builds and the outcome is unexpected. Caldwell paints a realistic picture of crime and deceit.  The characters are believable, the settings are realistic, and the action is well scripted.

I don’t usually read suspense or thriller novels but I found this one at a garage sale and the title  intrigued me.  To be completely honest, I picked the book based solely on the title and did not realize it was a thriller until I started reading it.  Caldwell kept me engaged in Izzy’s life and I felt compelled to keep reading – I wanted to know what would happen next.

Laura Caldwell wrote two other Izzy McNeil novels, “Red Blooded Murder” and “Red, White & Dead” If you enjoy thrillers or even if you think you don’t, “Red Hot Lies” will not disappoint. This is an excellent book.