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Cover of "Fine Things"

Smart, likable Bernie Fine, the wonder boy of Wolff’s, New York’s most glamorous department store, arrives in San Francisco to open a West Coast store. When he meets five-year-old Jane O’Reilly and her mother, Liz, Bernie knows he has found what he has been looking for, the love to last a lifetime. But Liz is stricken with cancer soon after the birth of their first child. Alone with two children, Bernie must learn how to move on. New people, new experiences, a new life along with two kids. He meets it with courage and humor, and learns some of life’s hard but precious lessons as he does.

“Fine Thing” is another excellent novel by Danielle Steel. What else does one expect from her? In this novel she combines the hustle & bustle of the city with the relaxing countryside, life with death with renewed life, strength with hopelessness, and lost with found.

I especially like this novel as it is the story of a man struggling with what is right and what is easy.  His strength and morality would make any woman fall in love. The real strength of this book is the moving plot, the constant obstacles, and the unexpected events. Many things were unexpected.

Most of this book is set in the gorgeous San Francisco/Napa Valley region of California. The detail in her settings and characters is precise and paints a 3-D image on a flat, black and white surface. One of the things that I like about Steel’s books  is that I can always easily find myself in the middle of any scene. This book does not disappoint.

Have you read “Fine Things” by Danielle Steel? Have you read her other books? Which is your favorite? Why? Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.