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Cover of "Playing For Pizza: A Novel"

Rick Dockery was the the third-string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. In the AFC Championship game, to the surprise and dismay of virtually everyone, Rick actually got into the game. With a 17-point lead and just minutes to go, Rick provided what was arguably the worst single performance in the history of the NFL. Overnight, he became a national laughingstock – and was immediately but by the Browns and shunned by all other teams.

But all Rick knows is football, and he insists that his agent find a team that needs him. Against enormous odds, Rick finally get a job – as the starting quarterback for the Mighty Panthers. . . of Parma, Italy. The Parma Panthers desperately want a former NFL player – any former NFL player – at their helm. And now they’ve got Rick, who knows nothing about Parma (not even where it is) and doesn’t speak a word of Italian. T say that Italy – the land of fine wines, extremely small cars, and football americano – holds a few surprises for Rick Dockery would be something of an understatement.

I really enjoyed this book for two reasons. First, Who would ever think a book called “Playing for Pizza” would be written by John Grisham. It is a whimsical work from an author who is known for his thrillers. It is an exciting change of pace for Grisham and his readers. Secondly, I love Italy and all things Italian. I have had the pleasure of visiting Italy, although not Parma, and experienced the uniqueness, the culture, and astounding beauty of Italy. The vivid images Grisham lays before his readers brought back many memories. There are many Italian sights, sounds, and delicious smells to feel the Italian experience.

There is more than enough turmoil to keep the reader engaged and just enough roman to melt your heart. This is the perfect book for both men and women – enough football to keep the men turning pages and relationship heart ache to keep the women longing to know what happens next.

Playing for Pizza” is a huge change from Grisham’s thrillers but it still has Grisham written all over it. The vivid imagery. attention to details, and a moving plot are evident in this book.

Have you read “Playing for Pizza” by John Grisham? Have you read his other novels? Which is your favorite? Why? Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.