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Could It Be Forever?My Story” is the candid autobiography by David Cassidy.  David reveals the real life of a teen idol and exposes the real man behind the teen idol we all loved and adored.  David talks about all his relationships – with his dad, mother, brothers, step-mother, co-workers, and wives. He speaks of the highs and lows of life in the public eye, the trials and tribulations of being David Cassidy.

David was a typical teenage boy discovering and exploring his way into a life of adulthood.  His family, however, was not typical – his father was a Broadway star, his mother was an actress, his step-mother was also a Broadway star and became his co-star on the Partridge Family, and his younger brother, Shaun, became a teen idol in his own right.

David enjoyed music and joined garage bands in his teenage years.  His true desire, although, was to be a serious working actor like his father.  On the road to fulfilling this dream, he took the part of Keith Partridge to pay the bills.  At that very moment, David’s life changed forever in a way that no one could ever imagine.  He became a teen idol for millions of teenage girls all over the world.  He was portrayed as the perfect boy next door while the conflict inside of him battled to expose the real David Cassidy.

David was a hard-working, talented, insecure, and lonely man once Keith Partridge hit the small screen.  In this book, David gives an honest account of what happened and how he felt about it.  If you are one of the millions of fans who adored David Cassidy during his Partridge Family days, as I was, this book is a must read for you.  It will leave you with a greater respect for a man who dealt with fame, fortune, adoration, and deceit with eventual grace and dignity.

I, as a big fan of David’s, cannot imagine the inner turmoil he experienced. Some can sit here and say that he had it made and put him in the ‘poor little rich kid’ category. But imagine if you wanted something so badly, you work your butt off for it, and take another job just so you can pay the bills, and suddenly you are propelled into a life you never imagined.  It was similar to the life he imagined – just blown up a thousand fold and for something he never dreamed of!

English: portrait of David Cassidy

When I was a teenager, David Cassidy was gorgeous, sexy, and the All-American boy next door (or so we were made to believe).  Now that I am older (just a little!), David Cassidy is still gorgeous, sexy, and the All-American boy next door! My respect and admiration for this man and the life he has led is unmeasurable. (Is that really a word?)

You can check out David Cassidy on his website and pick up his book, “Could It Be Forever?My Story” at Amazon.com as well as all of David’s music including “I Think I Love You” and “Cherish.” David also wrote another book, “C’mon Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus” which was written earlier and, therefore, is not as complete as “Could It Be Forever?”