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Halloween is a time for pretending you are somebody or something else, prowling from door to door looking for handouts of scrumptious candy, and for some, freezing your buns off while doing it. It is about candy, cider, donuts, ghouls, goblins, haunted houses, and living in another world for a short time. It is about bats, vampires, witches, monsters, and scaring the living daylights out of your neighbor. It is about black & orange, pumpkins & pumpkin treats, bobbing for apples and caramel apples. It is about parties for kids and adults.

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays, second only to Christmas. The decorations are in stores earlier and earlier every year.  I have been known to stock up on my favorite candy for trick-or-treating purposes only to have to buy more the day before Halloween. (Which reminds me…).

I grew up in the country, what I considered the middle of nowhere and was driven into the nearest town to trick-or-treat. Because I lived in the country, we also never had trick-or-treaters come to our house. Therefore, I also never passed out candy either. Later, when I rented an apartment in town, I was excited to finally pass out candy on Halloween. I got a total of five trick-or-treaters. By the time I moved into the burbs where I could pass out candy, I had kids of my own and took them out to receive their own sugar overload.

My kids are now old enough that they don’t wander the neighborhood asking for candy, I can finally pass out candy. Maybe… My oldest son now wants to pass out the candy and I was a bystander again this year. I survived and we both had fun. The town where I live always, always has trick-or-treating on the Saturday before Halloween so we have already done our Halloween thing.

The kids and I also had a small Halloween open house for the kids who live in the apartment complex.  We decorated the apartment, fixed tons of food, and had a few games for the kids to play. The kids ran around trying to scare each other, pigging out on food other than candy and making a royal mess, and we all had the best time ever.

The memories created that night are filed away to be used when my kids are busy with their own lives and time with their mother will be short and infrequent.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and create awesome memories. What are some of your favorite Halloween memories? Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.