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Ballpoint pen writing. Streaks of ink are visi...

Last week I wrote about an article I read on how to write faster by writing with pen and paper. The blog post was my test case to see if the article was correct. That post was a success. It cut my time nearly in half. My skeptic nature wondered if it was a fluke. Since that post  I have written every thing out by hand first. I have written out my discussion questions for my online class, several blog posts getting ready for NaNoWriMo in November, and a literary analysis assignment. I again claim the process a success.

The skeptic nature in me again rises and I wonder if it really is faster or do I just think it is. I know I enjoy the process of writing with pen and paper. Knowing that, I wonder if it is just the novelty of doing something new and different, the novelty of writing with pen and paper. It very well may be.

I do believe the claims in the article are correct. I do have to slow down my thought process. It also slows down the actual writing process so the words actually getting recorded does not catch up to my thoughts. Therefore, I can think ahead. I do not have as much time to get distracted while I am thinking what should come next. Does that make sense?

When it come down to it, it does not matter whether writing in longhand is faster than typing on the computer. What is important is that I believe it is fast. And that I enjoy writing with pen and paper. So the bottom line is that for me, writing with pen and paper is faster.  And that is what is important – what each person enjoys and what works for them.

The real lesson I learned from this article is not actually about writing. It is about being open to new ideas, to try new things even when you are sure that it won’t work.  I assumed that typing would be faster and you know what happens when you assume anything. I have learned a valuable lesson not only about writing but about life in general. We all must keep our minds open to new ideas, to let your skeptical inner self loose to at least test new ideas.

I also wrote last week that I had to shop for spiral notebooks. I already had plenty of pens. I have a large spiral notebook to be used for my novel-writing challenge next month. I have a small one for other stuff. I also bought a 3-pack of lavender legal pads just because I love all shades of purple. I am ready.

What are some of your writing habits? Leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.