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Have you ever spent a vacation taking day trips?  I have taken vacations where I stayed home and took one day trip.  Sometimes I think those are the most fun and relaxing. I love to explore the world visiting new places and learning new things. I have travelled many miles to explore the uniqueness of another city or town or region or country. But sometimes I tend to forget about the uniqueness of my area, the many things that other people travel many miles to visit that I take for granted.

There are so many things is my corner of the world that are worth exploring. They are also those same things that I tell myself that I can go see anytime I want. But the problem is, I never seem to get around to visiting those places. The perfect example is of a retired cargo ship docked along the banks of the Maumee River which was open to tours and a look at the life of shipman. I drove past that ship twice a day, five days a week for seven years and never took the tour until a friend from out-of-town wanted to take the tour. We did and it was a new and exciting adventure for both of us. I knew I could have taken that tour anytime I wanted but yet I never did.

I have visited California, Florida, Maine, Canada, Mexico, and even Italy but I have never been to the Henry Ford Museum or the Motown Records Museum both of which are less than two hours away.  I have driven five hours to walk across the Mackinac Bridge (twice!) but I have not driven across the Veterans Glass City Skyway Bridge in Toledo which is less than an hour away. I have built sandcastles on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and Lake Michigan but never on the shores of Lake Erie which is just over an hour’s drive.

What is it that keeps me from exploring my own backyard when I will go to great lengths to explore the backyards of others? Maybe it is just because I can visit any time I want. Maybe I am so used to seeing things that I no longer see those things.  Maybe I need to look at my own backyard with a brand new set of eyes, to look at it like a visitor. I now have the first of my New Year’s Resolutions – to visit and explore my own backyard like a tourist.

Where have you gone on a day trip? Where would you like to go? Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.