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I have always loved the Peanuts gang. When I was a kid I always looked forward to the Peanuts special on TV for the approaching holiday. Peanuts had one for every holiday – even Thanksgiving which is forgotten by many.

I was shopping for my upcoming Halloween party when I stumbled upon a display of Halloween DVD’s. Of course, one was “The Great Pumpkin.” I have many of the Peanuts specials on VHS but not all of them. I know I am missing one or two but did not remember which one(s). I did not buy it.  But this one little DVD sitting in a cardboard display box flooded my brain with so many memories.

With this small display including Charlie Brown, his faithful companion, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, and Schroeder reminded me that Peanuts is one of the very, very few Thanksgiving specials ever made. I am saddened how a national holiday which is based on the very foundation of our great country always gets lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas.

Charles Schultz, the creator of Peanuts, created the gang in a syndicated comic strip that came to be read by millions. I was one of those millions. Each character has their own distinct personality we all can relate to in some shape or form. I found the Peanuts gang in many of my friends. They also taught us life lessons in a captivating and humorous way. We learn without knowing it.

Who can forget or who does not know about the classic Peanuts scene of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown until she pulls it away at the last minute? Or the stragly wood tree Charlie Brown chooses for the Christmas pageant? Or the popcorn Snoopy serves for their Thanksgiving dinner? Or how many times Lucy tries to get a kiss from Schroeder? So many classic scenes from a little comic strip.

Snoopy as "the World War I flying ace&quo...

My high school mascot was Snoopy. I’m not sure how that really came about. We were the ‘Flyers’ so maybe it had to do with The Red Baron, one of Snoopy’s personas. Maybe my love for the Peanuts gang has something to do with that. Maybe! But I do know that his classic group of every day kids dealing with every day life will always have a small piece of my heart.

I grew up with the Peanuts gang and they bring a smile to my face even to this day. I love that they are starring in commercials (It should only be 5 cents – Not everything can be 5 cents – It should be 5 cents!). They are as popular today as they were when I was a kid. I hope when my kids are my age they will look back fondly on their life and remember the Peanuts gang as I do.

Did you or do you still watch the Peanuts specials? Who is your favorite character? Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.