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I read an article about how to write faster by writing in longhand. The article says that is because it causes us to slow down in our thought process so that you will write better sentences and contemplate correct word usage. It also takes you away from going back to fix typo’s.

I like to write, physically write with pen and paper. I am always doodle-ing, writing down a word here or there, just the act of writing. When I actually started writing essays for school, posts for this blog, and short stories for fun, I felt my time would be better spent using the computer. It would be faster because I have worked in an office environment all my adult life and spent the majority of it typing something. I am a fast typist and know I can type faster than I can write with pen and paper.

I have read about authors – well known authors who have published many novels – who wrote their manuscripts in longhand first. I remember thinking to myself, ‘that must take forever’ and assumed that when you have the luxury of writing being your only job, you can afford to write in longhand. I was still convinced that typing on a computer had to be faster than pen and paper.

But this article intrigued me. Especially when she said she went from 2500 words per week to 3000 to 5000 words per day. Seriously? That is my answer to anything that shocks me, that goes against what I know and belief. So I will say it again, Seriously?

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Because I like the act of writing with pen and paper, I decided to give it a try. But what would I write about? Usually this is not a problem (I have two months worth of blog posts written and ready to publish!)

I also signed up for the NaNoWriMo novel writing challenge to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. I could not imagine writing 50,000 words in longhand and then typing them in the computer. But like I said, I wanted to give it a try, to test the theory that you can write faster and better with pen and paper.

So my experiment is this blog post. I sat down at my table with pen and paper and started writing this post. It usually takes me roughly two hours to write a blog post from rough beginning to polished end. Even with the retyping of this post on the computer, I have come to the polished end in just over an hour.  Seriously? Yea, seriously.

With my extra time, I am heading to the store to stock up on pens and paper!  How many will I need for my 50,000 word novel? This blog post is almost 500 words and it took two and a half pages. Where’s my calculator? I will let you know in December.

Do you write in longhand? What are the pros and cons for you? Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.