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Positive-Thinking-Final-400x600This week we are travelling into the world of positive thinking. Our minds are a very powerful tool as I told my kids this weekend and they found out first hand. Whatever we put into our minds, we make it happen. It took me a very long time to believe that completely. I always knew it in my head but I did not quite feel it in my heart. But I have stayed positive and things began to happen. Small things but they happened none the less. I have been amazed at how just a simple thing such as my attitude, my outlook on life can make such a huge difference.

I am a believer now. I have not been a preacher on the virtues of positive thinking until this weekend. Both of my sons are very good bowlers and bowl on a youth league every Saturday morning. I challenged my 13-year-old who has a 166 average to bowl a 200 game. I also challenged my 9-year-old who has a 124 average to bowl a 150 game. They would receive a reward for meeting their challenge. My oldest son won his reward right out of the starting gate with a 215 game.

My youngest son bowled a 141 on his first game. It was a really good game for him but he was bummed because he did not hit the 150 mark. I told him I knew he could do it as long as he knew he could do it. After a few negative comments, he began his second game. He bowled a 146. So close but yet so far away. After another short pep talk, I altered the challenge. If he bowled another game 140 or higher, he would still receive his reward. He was happy and confident that he could do that. After six frames of that game, he had bowled 5 – yes I said 5 – strikes. High fives all around. He finished the game with a 193! Not only did he earned his reward, he also bowled his highest game ever AND he bowled a higher game than the boy who has the highest average on the league. Needless to say he was a very, very happy camper.

I was the proudest momma in the bowling center that morning. I saw positive thinking in action. I knew right then, more than ever before, that if I do not give my sons anything else, I want to give them a positive attitude. I want them to always think positive, to believe in themselves because with that positive mindset, they can do anything.

Some of you may know that I wrote a book about positive thinking. You might assume then that my kids have heard more than their share about positive thinking and its benefits. For reasons that are for another day, my kids do not even know that I have written this book. And as I have said, I have not preached it to others.

I will be preaching – gently, of course – the virtues of positive thinking. I will not give up just as my son did not give up this weekend.

Do you have a positive thinking story? Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.