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Have you ever planned a party? I am sure almost every parent has planned at lease one birthday party in their lifetime. I have planned a few parties – a birthday party for each of my sons. Very few. That being said, I am in the middle of planning a Halloween party with my kids who are 13 and 9. I am once again reminded why the parties I host are few and far in between.


I have never been a party person or a party planner. I have been to my share of parties – birthday parties, graduation parties, bridal showers, baby showers – and there have been some really nice once and there’s been the others. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I find myself not doing something if I think it won’t be perfect. Hence my history of not hosting many parties. I don’t them to suck.


For this year my 13-year-old says that he is not really into trick-or-treating and can we have a party for the kids in our apartment complex. We discuss some ideas and I come to the conclusion he only wants to have this party so he can scare people. Unfortunately, the majority of the kids in the complex are very young kids – from 2 to 8 – so we cannot get too scary.


Our Halloween party is in two weeks and the boys and I put together the final details on our party. I have the guest list, the final shopping list, the menu, the games, and the costumes ready. Now comes the cleaning, decorating, re-arranging, cooking, and … and …. and.


As I mentioned I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I have to be able to create every detail in my mind. Is this normal? I am not sure how professional party planners do this kind of thing every single day. It just seems there is too much to remember all at once.


The bos and I have only seriously thought about this party for a couple of weeks now and I can feel the stress building already. And the worst part is that I know the stress and chaos will continue to build over the next two weeks. I probably should not be worrying about things so much (but that is what I do). I know the kids will have fun as they always do when they come over.


If nothing else, there will be too much food left over, the house will be destroyed, the neighbors will have a headache from the noise, and the kids will only have played with the same toys they always do, but they will have fun.


Trick-or-treating is always on Saturday in my small town. I have scheduled the party to end just in time to go out on their candy scavenger hunt. So first thing tomorrow I will be working on my massive list of things to do.


Do you like planning parties? What is the funniest or strangest or best thing that happened at one of your parties? Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.