Almost A BrideLast night about 1:00 am I finished reading a book, “Almost A Bride” by Patricia McLinn. It is the story of Matty, who inherits a failing ranch in Wyoming. She is determined to save the ranch, even swallowing her pride by marrying Dave, the man who shattered her heart six years earlier before fleeing the open spaces of Wyoming for the hustle and bustle of the big city.

This novella is very enjoyably to read. There are enough plot twists to keep the reader turning the pages. The characters have depth and could live next door – if next door is a ranch! And the sex! There is sexual tension and eventually gratification.  I enjoyed this book because there was a balance between the sex and the story.

I don’t mind reading about sex in a book – after all I am human – but I want more to a book than just sex.  I have read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and I liked it but…I never finished the second book and have not even attempted the third book. That being said, my test for a book that contains sex scenes is this: If you take out all the sex in the book, is there a story left that I would enjoy reading? The answer to that question for “Almost a Bride” is YES.

The basic formula for a romance novel is the attraction between two people and the obstacles that stand in their way. “Almost A Bride” fulfills that formula. I love reading about places that I find fascinating which means, for me anyway, any place that is different from where I live.  Living on a ranch in Wyoming is a great place to escape for a few hours. The love for the ranch by the main characters leaps off the page and sets my mind to dreaming what that life would really be like.

My only criticism for this book would be that although the erotica is emotionally charged, that seems to be missing from the rest of the book. My senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch – were not fully engaged. Despite the lack of engagement, it is a pleasant escape into the unique world of ranching with a great balance between actions and characters.

Have you read “Almost a Bride” by Patricia McLinn? What do you think of this book?  Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.