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Angels are among us. Some we can’t see. Some we can see but don’t realize they are angels. And some are our best friends! Angels come in all shapes and sizes and they always show up just when we need them the most. I have been lucky in my life. I have been visited by so many angels that I am truly amazed. Unfortunately at the time I did not realize they were my angels to help me. As I reflect on my life, I wish I would have known then what I know now.

When I bought my car there was a pin left in the unused ashtray that said “Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.” That pin is still in the unused ashtray in my car. I have tried to apply this sentiment to all areas of my life. I avoid places where my guardian angel cannot get me out of safely. I believe these guardian angels are always there even if we do not see them. They are always watching us, whispering in our ears, and pointing us in the right direction.  All we have to do is listen.

Sometimes we do not listen and God has to send an angel in human form.  I am reminded of another saying – Some friends come into our lives for a reason, some for a season, and some are forever. God sends these angels disguised as friends to impact our lives and steer us in the right direction. And some of those friends/angels come from the unlikeliest places.

I have to admit that the last angel God has sent to me was someone that I did not want to like. I was always polite when I seen her but I refused to talk to her, to be her friend.  She was the enemy. And then I found myself in a situation that I did not know how to handle. I was accused of doing something I did not do and I could not prove my innocence. My accusers would not listen to what I had to say – they wanted to believe I was guilty. I resigned myself to holding my head high knowing I did nothing wrong.

It was the woman whom I considered the enemy, the woman who I refused to talk to anymore than I absolutely had to who took it upon herself to dig into the situation and eventually discovered and revealed the truth. My accusers had to see the truth and even apologized to me for making the accusations. This woman whom I considered to be an enemy turned out to be one of the greatest blessings God has sent to me.

My angel in human form and I will never be best friends (that is something for another post) but I admire and respect this woman more than she will ever know because I do not know how to let her know just how much what she did really means to me.

We all have angels in our lives. We just have to look for them and listen to what they tell us.

Have you had an unlikely angel in your life? Leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.