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The flying tackle from behind.


It is that time of year again! Football season! There is so much football to be seen. You have the pro games, college games, high school games, junior high school games and even elementary school games with 5th & 6th grade teams and 3rd & 4th grade teams.  There is so much passion and love for this game at every level.

In high school I went to almost every Friday night footballs game. I had school spirit and rooted my team on to victory. But even more than that it was a night for hanging out with friends. There is something about knowing all those kids (well half of those kids) on the football field, knowing the cheerleaders, knowing the band and the majorettes and the ability to walk around, stand around, move around, or just sit. I used to walk miles at the football games as the track surrounded the field and we walked in circles for hours.

My son is a fourth grader and he plays football – tackle football. The first time I seen him in complete uniform, I was totally amazed. He was so cute! I know ‘cute’ is not a word usually associated with football but sorry those little boys are too damn cute. Not to mention the little cheerleaders – they are overflowing with cuteness. On my son’s team, they have almost as many cheerleaders as they do football players, maybe more but it is close. They are so much fun to watch.

As the mother of a football player, I worry about him getting hurt. But that goes without saying and it doesn’t matter what either of my kids are doing – I worry.  I was such a proud mom when my son’s name was announced over the loudspeaker as the person who made the tackle on the play or was the kicker.  He was pretty thrilled also.

I have watched both of my kids play baseball and they bowl every week on a league. My oldest son plays soccer as well. I have been to games and I am filled with pride when my kids do the best they can at whatever sport they are involved in at the time. But there is just something about the football that just seems bigger and better. Why exactly is that?


English: Obi Ezeh attempts a shoestring tackle...

Other than my son’s football games, I have not watched football too much since those high school days. I watch the local rivalry game every year between Ohio State and Michigan – Go Bucks! I almost always watch the Super Bowl even though I may not know who is playing until the day of the game. My parents were big football fans and Super Bowl Sunday was a big day in our house. I don’t make a big deal over it but I do have to watch it.

Do you watch football? Do you have kids who play football? Who are your favorite teams? Please leave a comment with your favorite teams.