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Cover of "Liar Liar [HD DVD]"

Have you seen the movie ‘Liar, Liar‘ with Jim Carey? He plays a man who tells white lies constantly and to everybody, even his son. His son makes a birthday wish that his father cannot lie for 24 hours. And…it comes true. Don’t you wish that you could cast that spell on someone you know?

I always tell my kids that if they do something wrong, they will get in trouble for it but if they lie about it and I find out they will be in three times as much trouble. I hate liars. When someone lies to me, they are actually saying to me “I believe you to be stupid enough to believe what I am telling you.” I may be niave, okay I am niave. I also may be gulliable  but I am not stupid and I will figure out you are lying.

So why do people lie? Do they think they are smarter than the people they are lying to? Do they think they will avoid getting in trouble? Are they ashamed of what they did or did not do?

I can’t answer for anybody but myself. And maybe my kids. As far as my kids, they are avoiding getting in trouble. They have learned the hard way that that doesn’t work – at least not with me. I must admit that I am guilty of doing this myself. I think we all have at some point in our life. There is one reason everybody has used at least once or twice in their life. That is they don’t want to hurt somebody‘s feelings. We rationalize that it is just a little white lie so that we don’t hurt their feelings. I have been known to do that as well and although it is not right, it is widely acceptable.

I have learned the art of telling the ‘creative’ truth. When asked our opinion of something and trying to avoid hurt feelings, we will answer with ‘Well, it’s different” or “It is definitely unique.”  It is that fine line of telling the truth but not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings. It can be pretty tricky. It is also commonly used tactic and, unfortunately, most people can see through it.

My dad taught me that letting someone believe something that is not true is the same as lying. Even if you do not actually lie in your words, you are still lying.  Now that is tough. I am guilty of this as well. It is such a tough call sometimes when you have to decide between telling the absolute truth or not hurting someone’s feelings.

To lie or not to lie? That is the question. We all have our general guidelines when it comes to lying but there is always exceptions. It is difficult to hold to our morals of not lying and to be encouraging and supportive of others.

What are your guidelines regarding lying? Is it ever okay to tell a lie? What are some acceptable exceptions? Post your comments with your thoughts and ideas. I love reading them.