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bookHow many times have you said to yourself or someone else, ‘I should write a book’? At least once for most of us. I know I have said it several times. Know what? That is an excellent idea.  I love to write to that is easy for me to say. I wrote a book called “Positive Thinking: How I Turned My Life Around” and I am working on another one.  I also have ideas for a couple more, maybe even more than that.

I believe that everyone should write their own memoir. Capturing the memories that will be lost forever if they are not written down.  My aunt found a book that I believe was called “Grandma‘s Story” that had many questions for grandma to answer. Grandma answered questions about her favorite childhood memories, what her favorite toy was as a child, school memories, chores she had to do, and what life was like for her.  My aunt made copies of the completed book and gave a copy to all her nieces and nephews.

It was an amazing learning experience reading that book. Reading about my grandma’s memories – memories of her brothers and sisters, her parents, school mates, and of the simple life back then.  I think this book is a great idea and every person should fill out one of these for their grandchildren. Books should be made by parents for their children.  What a wonderful way to preserve those precious memories. I wish both of my parents had filled out a book like that of their childhood memories to give to my children and for me as well.  I wish I had one of my grandpa also.

I know when I received the book about my grandma, I was impressed. I read the book but did not fully appreciate what I was holding in my hands. It was an amusing little story about days that were long gone. I did not quite comprehend at that time that my grandma would not be around forever to tell me the stories whenever we wanted to walk down memory lane. This little book now affords me the opportunity to jump in my DeLorean and visit my grandma’s world.

Christmas is three and half months away but it is the perfect time to grab one or two or many of these books to have our loved ones fill out. Have grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, or just about anybody fill one of these books out. Make the necessary copies and give them as Christmas gifts. It would be an unique and precious gift of memories that will be lost if not written down.

These books are available for grandma, grandpa, mom and dad at amazon.com.

Have you ever thought of writing you memoir? Please leave me a comment.

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