Drama Queens are everywhere.  You cannot escape them. They are at your job, where you live, where you play.  According to Dictionary.com a Drama Queen is “a person who tends to react to every situation in an over dramatic or exaggerated manner.” Sound familiar?  And the best part of the drama queens is when they complain that they are so tired of all the drama.  I try so hard not to laugh because they are usually the ones who start the drama.

I live in an apartment complex and I have seen my fair share of drama queens during my three years of residency.  The apartment complex sits between acres of farm fields and a very small and quiet bedroom community. There are several residents who have come from big cities and claim they want to get away from the drama. But guess what? It is amazing how that drama seems to follow them to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

I, myself, have recently been the subject of a “dramatic or exaggerated” response to my disciplinary methods. Since I refused to take part in the ‘drama,’ it was a short-lived event.  But I think the real question is, ‘Why are these people drama queens in the first place?’ Is there something missing in their lives that causes them to stick their noses into somebody else’s lives? Are they trying to make themselves feel and look better by making someone else feel and look bad? Maybe they are looking for attention?  I don’t know.

Looking on the bright side for those who try not to get involved with the drama, the drama queens do provide some entertainment.  It makes me laugh when a woman whose son stole a tablet from a young girl rants and raves when her same son’s bike is stolen. It is hilarious when a woman whose daughter is a bully with no supervision tries to tell someone else how to raise their child. Or a woman who does not know where her 5-year-old son is most of the time says that she is a good parent.

Just as with anything else, drama queens vary in degrees.  I have a couple of friends who I consider drama queens. They would probably shoot me if they knew who they were.  But I love them to death and I listen to their ‘drama’ but try not to get too involved.  The most interesting thing about drama queens is that they are your best friend today, your mortal enemy tomorrow, and best friends again the day after.

It is a very tough transition to rid oneself of the drama queen title. It is lonely and frustrating.  But as with anything, it can be done with positive thinking.

What are your thoughts on drama queens? Do you know any? Leave me comment with your experiences and thoughts.