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sp70Neal Schon recently offered a hand of friendship to Steve Perry recently which can be read on Neal’s facebook page. This has renewed the hope of thousands of Steve Perry fan’s that there might be a reunion, that they might once again hear that sexy, sultry, and angelic voice. Neal has, in the past, said that he would welcome Steve back as part of Journey and share the stage with Arnel. There are many Steve Perry fan pages where many fans have shared their hope that Steve would join Journey once again, or at the very least renew his solo career.

I am a very big fan of Steve Perry. He is the only person that I would pay big bucks to see him sing live, in person. I have joking said that I would stand on a street corner to raise the money to see him.  But I am going to go on the record to say that I hope he is not considering a ‘reunion’ with Journey or even resurrecting his solo career. I know this sounds very contradictory but I have several reasons for this contradiction.

sp214If he would reunite with Journey or resurrect his solo career, I would pay to see him and love every minute of it.  It would one of the highlights of my life (right after the birth of my kids). But as far as reuniting with Journey, I believe too many bridges have been burned. I realize it has been a long time, they are not the same people they were 15 years ago, and mistakes were made by both sides but it will never, never be the same.  As hard as they may try on both sides, some animosity will remain. As Steve begged Neal not to do, Neal did fracture the stone. They chose to replace Steve instead of supporting him during an unbelieveably scary and difficult time in his life. I read of couple of the interviews with Steve and Neal after the “divorce” between Steve and Journey and I personally believe that Neal handled the situation poorly.

And as for Steve sharing the stage with Arnel – all I can say is “Seriously?”  There is no way Steve should ever have to share the stage with a ‘Steve Perry wannabe’! Where would Neal be if Steve had not joined the band? Steve made Journey.  There would be nothing for Arnel to join had it not been for Steve Perry.

The other reason I am against a reunion with Journey or resurrecting a solo career is his health.  After his hip replacement surgery, he can probably forecast the weather better than the weatherman.  He has mentioned that he admires the other 80’s rock stars who are still performing saying that ‘something has got to hurt.’ I would hate to think that he is in that much pain to perform on stage.  Steve is a perfectionist and would have to make sure every performance was perfect even if it caused him pain.

I may be crazy and there are many who know me that say I am but as much as I would love to see Steve Perry sing again, I do not want him to compromise his health – physically and/or emotionally – to do it.

What do you think about Steve reuniting with Journey? Is it a good idea? What about a solo career?