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ftlosmFor the Love of Strange Medicinewas the last solo album recorded by Steve Perry in 1994 which was ten years after his first solo album Street Talk in 1984. We should have had another in 2004 and yet another one due out next year.  Looks like he is falling a little behind.  But all is forgiven because he has given us so much material – great material – that we don’t ever get tired of listening to him.  But I am getting off track here – yes pun intended!

When Steve Perry recorded For the Love of Strange Medicine, he felt he had something to say.  So what did he say with this collection of songs?  I believe he said, ‘I have made mistakes and I am sorry.’   The most poignant and obvious of this statement is the song “Anyway” which is a public apology for walking away from Journey.  An apology that, in my opinion, was not necessary.  The song is heart-wrenching and raw with emotion.

The album’s title song is an addiction song.  When we are ‘addicted’ to anything, we will do almost anything for that addiction.  For Steve, his addiction or rather ‘strange medicine’ was music. It still is even though he is not performing for the public anymore.

The power ballad that Steve made so popular while with Journey is prominent on this album with songs like “I Am,” “Donna Please,” and “Missing You.”  There are also some fun and sexy songs on this album such as “Friends of Mine” and “Can’t Stop.” I especially like “Can’t Stop” because I get the feeling that he is happy and on prowl – both of which Steve deserves.  Also, he pushes his voice into the lower ranges that we have not heard before.

I love anything and everything that Steve Perry sings, but I believe this collection of songs from For the Love of Strange Medicine is the best.  The album is from the heart, his voice is at its peak pushing it to the limits, and we get a peek into the soul of an icon.

What is your favorite song by Steve Perry? Did you see Steve on his solo tour?  Leave a comment with your thoughts.