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Blood Magic  by Jennifer Lyon is an entertaining tale of supernatural powers, witches and demons, and love, passion, and intrigue.

Axel, a witch hunter who has vowed to never hurt a non-demonic witch, has to help Darcy, an earth witch who does not know she is a witch, develop her powers in order to break the curse placed on his sister. And he has to do it in only seven days. If that were not enough for Axel to do, he also has to protect his family and Darcy from other witch hunters who wish to destroy her along with her abilities in the paranormal world of black magic.

Love and passion combined with a magical world of witches propels this story from beginning to end. Axel must not let his desire for his sister’s savior get in the way of the real mission – to save his sister from the curse placed on her.

Lyons has an exciting writing style and a vivid imagination about the world on the other side. She creates a ‘believable’ fantasy world for her readers with developed characters, a moving story, and extraordinary descriptions of another world. She transports her readers from their mundane lives into a world of fantasy, intrigue, and witches. I really enjoyed this book. It is the perfect mix of romance and paranormal.