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Flowers in the Attic “Flowers in the Attic” by V.C. Andrews was first published in 1979 – 34 years ago.  My best friend bought and read this book as soon as it hit the store shelves.  When she had finished, it was my turn.  In all of my innocence at that time, the story was surreal to me.  It was unfathomable that this could really happen.  I went to a garage sale and found the whole Dollanganger series.  So here it is, 34 years later, and I decide to read the book again, and eventually the whole series.

The book starts out like any fairy tale – mom and dad are devoted to each other and their four perfect children.  They live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood until… dad dies unexpectedly in a car accident.  And the fairy tale ends and the nightmare begins.

The book recounts the lives of Chris, Cathy, and the twins, Carrie and Cory.  Privilege, greed, and a twisted sense of religion cause a kind, loving mother to imprison her four children.  Innocence, faith, devotion, and trust are stripped away, one by one.  It is a story of physical as well as emotional abuse, of survival, of strength, and of strong characters.

I enjoyed reading this book both times.  The shock value alone is worth the read.  It definitely makes my problems and struggles seem small and insignificant.  There is a lot of detail in the story; I could picture the surroundings as if they were on TV.  However, there are times when there is too much detail making the story drag.  A couple of times I found myself just skimming till I came upon the next good part.

Overall, V.C. Andrews intrigues the reader with a captivating storyline and complex characters. I would definitely recommend this book as I would, and did, read it again.

If you have not read this psychological suspense novel, it should be added to your ‘To Read’ list as well as the other novels in the Dollanganger series. You will not be disappointed.