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scott baioScott Baio is well known for his role on Happy Days as Chachi Arcola, the tough little cousin of Fonzie.  He later resurected Chachi in the short lived series, Joanie Loves Chachi, with Erin Moran.  He went on to the play the title character in Charles In Charge and is currently playing David Hobbs in See Dad Run (art imitating life?). He has also  played in several movies and a couple of reality shows.

Did you know that Scott released a couple of albums in the early eighties?  He did and I bought them.  My absolute favorite song by him was Midnight Confessions on his first self-titled album.  He also played the lead in the musical, Bugsy Malone with Jodie Foster in 1976.

Scott has remained active in the entertainment industry.  When he is not in front of the camera, he is behind the scenes directing and producing.  I, for one, am glad that Scott was not a one hit wonder child star.  We have watched Scott grow from a cute, skinny 16-year-old as Chachi into a handsome and sexy man as David on See Dad Run.

baio familyScott, along with his wife, Renee, founded the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation to raise awareness and support for families who are affected by metabolic disorders.  The foundation is named after their daughter, Bailey who had initially been diagnosed with G-A 1.  Ten weeks and millions of prayers and tears later, Bailey was given a clean bill of health – the original diagnosis had been a ‘false’ positive.

As a teenager, I was infatuated, as were all teenage girls, with Scott’s Italian good looks, black hair, and that Brooklyn accent.  Today, I am still infatuated with his Italian even better good looks, black hair, and just a hint of that Brooklyn accent.  I am also impressed with the career choices he has made and the man we have watched him become.

So many child stars seem to become their own worst enemy as an adult.  The lifestyle of being a ‘star’ is difficult at best for an adult. For a child, I just can’t even imagine.  Scott seems to have had a solid foundation and has made the transition with ease, grace, and style.

I have been a fan of Scott’s since his days as Chachi Arcola on Happy Days.  I was jealous of Erin Morin who played opposite Scott on not one but two television shows.  I think it would be awesome if Scott took some time to write an autobiography.  I will be the first one in line to buy it.

Have you listened to Scott’s albums?  What is your favorite show of Scott’s?  Let me know your thoughts.