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flea martketFlea Markets are a growing business.  Incredible deals can be found.  One-of-a-kind treasure are waiting to be scooped up.  Some of the best things in life can be found at flea markets.  The seem to be popping up everywhere.  In my local area, out county fairgrounds holds a once a month flea market.  Individuals can rent a table and sell their ‘trash’ and another can enjoy their ‘treasure.’  Another county fairground has a weekly flea market while others hold ‘special event’ flea markets such as an ‘Auto Swap’ and Christmas themed flea markets.  I live within a 2-hour drive of Shipshewana, IN – home to the nation’s largest and most popular flea market.

Weekend 07/13/2000 Phil Bonyata Flea marketI love going to flea markets as well as garage sales.  Almost everything in my house has been bought used either at garage sales, flea markets, and resale shops.  I especially love the older, well-made wood furniture pieces that would cost a fortune today if bought new.  The thrill of shopping at flea markets is that you can find brand new items at a very reasonable price.  Some vendors are the “Big Lots” of the flea market world buying ‘lots’ of a product to offer the consumer deep discounts.

Every major city, and even many not so major cities, have at least one, if not several, flea markets ready for exploration.  There are also architectural flea markets where you can find many and every kind of architectural element to make your home uniquely yours.  From drawer pull knobs to fireplace mantels to doors and windows to wooden planks of all sizes can be found at one of these specialized flea markets.  I visited one of these and I was mesmerized with all the fabulous things that I wanted for my house – I would have needed several houses to incorporate all the things I fell in love with.

I fell in love with some old fashioned crystal drawer pulls that I racked my brain throughout the entire visit to find a place that I could use these.  My first instinct was to use them in my kitchen except the supply was 2 short of  what I needed for my kitchen.  I already had two dressers in my home with these crystal drawer pulls and the others were too ‘modern’ for such old-fashioned elegance.  Needless to say, I left those beautiful objects at the salvage yard for the next treasure hunter to discover.

I feel like a pirate searching for the sunken treasure whenever I walk into a flea market.  The thrill of the exploration even if I do not find a buried treasure during this trip.  The unknown and the unexpected to the excitement of find that one treasure you did not even know you were looking for it.

Do you visit flea markets?  What was the greatest ‘treasure’ you found at a flea market?