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Travis Tritt currentTen feet tall and bullet proof.  I believe this describes Travis Tritt perfectly along with being the title of one of his songs.  Travis has a legendary music career spanning 20+ years.  He is a rebel southern bluesy country artist.  He burst into the country music scene in the early 90’s holding his own against the likes of Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson.  With numerous hits already under his belt, Travis continues to tour and produce chart topping hits.

I was one of the lucky thousands who attended his concert with Marty Stuart on their Double Trouble tour.  Paul Brandt was their opening act and he was fantastic. The orchestration of the show with Travis and Marty was truly impressive.  Both of them sat in a corner of the stage with the curtains behind them while the crew set the stage for Marty.  They sang a few songs together before retreating backstage.  The curtains raised and Marty jumped on stage entertaining the massive crowd.  The curtains lowered and Travis and Marty reappeared on that isolated corner of the stage while, once again, the crew prepared the stage for Travis behind those lowered curtains.  Again they retreated.  The curtains raised again allowing Travis to thrill the audience with a voice and the music we all loved and cherished.  Again the curtains lowered while Travis and Marty occupied their usual corner for their final few songs together.

I was impressed with their orchestration because there were no gaps in the music between Marty’s set and Travis’ set.  To me, it was truly unique.  I have not seen another double-header so I don’t have anything to compare the Double Trouble tour with but I was impressed just the same.  Maybe they all do that way but Travis and Marty were the first and only one I have attended.

Travis Tritt earlySo what is it about Travis that drew me towards his music when I was not really a country music fan?  Maybe it was the fact that he was considered a rebel – I was a victim of the ‘bad boy’ syndrome.  Maybe it was his unique voice – there is no mistaking that voice.  Maybe it was the message of his songs that touched my soul.  Maybe it was his long hair – I loved long hair as long as it was not longer than mine.  (I still like longer hair – I am not a fan of the buzz cuts that are so popular right now.)  Maybe it was because he is gorgeous.  Maybe, no definitely, it is the combination of all those things that make Travis, well…Travis.

Travis has a music tour underway and if you are able to attend his concert, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Check out Travis’ website for his tour schedule.

You can also follow Travis on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.