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garagesalecartoonOne person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  That is the mantra of every person who loves to go to garage sales.  How exciting it is to go through another person’s ‘trash’ to find my new ‘treasure.’  I spend many Saturday mornings rummaging around the unwanted baubles of the surrounding neighborhoods.  It is especially nice when one of the small towns has a community garage sale.  There is a great concentration of garage sales in a relatively small area.

My kids love to go to garage sales with me.  They have learned they can buy more and bigger things than if we went to a regular store.  My oldest son is the greatest scavenger I have ever known.  He will spend the time to search every item at a garage sale.  We have made some great buys.  

One of the things that gets my attention at a garage sale is books.  I love to read and could spend a fortune on books if I bought them all brand new.  The most I have ever paid for a book at a garage sale is $1 for a hard back book.  I found one garage sale that sold paper back books 10 for $1 – I bought $2 worth of books.  It was awesome.

With the exception of electronics, almost everything in my apartment has been bought from garage sales or resale shops.  Part of the reason is because of finances – I couldn’t afford to buy everything I have brand new.  The other part, the exciting part is the thrill of the hunt.  I wanted a new bookshelf for my dining room – to be used for display of kitchen stuff, not books.  I searched for sometime before I found the perfect one.  I was so excited that I found it and did not give in and buy something that I wasn’t sure I really liked.

I have bought most of my kids clothes at garage sales.  There are some things I won’t buy from a garage sale but I cannot imagine how much I have saved over the years.  I am fortunate enough that my kids are not very picky about what they wear.  At least not yet.

I have tried to teach my children that we don’t have to buy something at every garage sale.  I try to set a budget of how much we can spend.  Sometimes we don’t spend it all and sometimes we find something that we just can’t pass up even if it is a little over budget.  All of us have our favorite thing we look for at garage sales.  Mine is books, my oldest is sports equipment and electronics and my youngest is toys, games and balls of any kind.

Do you like garage sales?  Do you have a strategy for garage saleing?  What do you look for at garage sales?