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Michael JacksonMichael Jackson became the ultimate rock icon with his mega, mega, mega hit album “Thriller.”  It produced the ultimate hits of its time including the title song and “Billie Jean.”  I was never a big fan of Michael’s but I do have a tremendous amount of respect for his talent and dedication to the music.  He was new, exciting, and always on the cutting edge of the next great thing.

Michael had his problems – he did some really strange things (don’t we all at some point), there were allegations of an overly strict father, questions regarding his parental judgement when he dangled one of his children over a balcony, and, of course, the child molestation charges filed against him, not once but twice.

I cannot imagine the loneliness, the depression, the mental anguish Michael suffered before losing his life.  Being a mega rock star can be very isolating,  turning a young, sweet, and trusting man into a self-doubting, distrusting, and lost human being.  Ask David Cassidy.

We are fascinated, obsessed even, with celebrities.  It doesn’t matter if they are singers, actors, or sports stars.  We want to know anything and everything about them.  I have my own obsession with Steve Perry so I get it.  But I also wonder how we would react if someone was prying into our lives.  What skeletons would they find that could be misconstrued when taken out of context, when they don’t know the whole story, and when everything we say or do is scrutinized under a microscope.  Not very well I imagine.

Michael Jackson was accused on two separate occasions of child molestation.  I don’t know if he molested those children or not.  I would like to believe that he didn’t as I would like to believe that nobody would do that sort of thing to any child but I don’t know.  So Michael has this huge place that is set up to be every child’s fantasy playground.  He invites children to come stay with him and live a fantasy childhood for a few days.  Here’s my question.  What parent sends their children to stay with a man they don’t really know?  As I mentioned, I have an obsession with Steve Perry but I would never let my children stay with him for any amount of time just because I believe he is the greatest singer in the world.  At least not without me, or someone I completely trusted, to accompany them.

So, for argument’s sake, let’s say that I was naive enough to let my child go visit this fantasy land, all by themselves.  Then the allegations surface of the molestation.  Michael settles out of court which seems to make him guilty.  Maybe he’s not guilty and just wants to avoid the court scene and maybe it was cheaper, whatever.  But that thought has been placed into your head, you wonder if he is guilty, but you just have no way of knowing for sure.

Now you receive an invitation for your child to spend a few days with Michael Jackson for an ultimate experience of fun and fantasy.  Knowing that Michael has been accused of child molestation once, why, why, why would you let your child go there?  Were these parents so desperate, so greedy, so sick as to put their child in harm’s way?

When Michael was accused of the molestation the second time, I believe the parents of those children should have been accused of child endangerment as well.  They knew the accusations, the doubts should have been implanted in their brain but let their child go anyway.

Michael was a musical genius but a lonely, troubled human being.  I hope he is truly happy and finally free from his pain.

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What do you think?  Did Michael abuse those children? Are the parents just as guilty?