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dc1David Cassidy played Keith Partridge in the 70’s hit TV series “The Partridge Family” and was the heartthrob of millions of teenagers around the world, including me.  David was not just another pretty face, he had many talents which include singing, songwriting, and, of course, acting.  He has also added producing and directing to his resume.

I can remember watching “The Partridge Family” every week. It was one of the few shows that I just had to watch just to see David Cassidy and hear him sing.  His voice was phenomenal – sexy, sultry, and oh so romantic.  I bought every fan magazine that had anything about him in it – which was all of them at the time.  David was the cutest, sexiest, and most talented person at the time.

David set a standard that all performers after him strived to reach.  Rick Springfield wrote in his autobiography, Late, Late at Night, that when he first came to the United States, the industry tried to make him into the next David Cassidy.  I love Rick Springfield and have been a fan of his since Jessie’s Girl and his Dr. Noah Drake days, but… there is only ONE David Cassidy.

The things that I still remember about David from his Partridge Family days are his sultry voice, his shiny, layered hair, and a puca shell necklace he wore.  The thing that I don’t quite remember is that if he wore that necklace all the time or if it was just a one-time thing that has stuck in my memory for some reason.

David recorded several albums with The Partridge Family as well as his own solo works.  I bought every single one of them.  I knew every word to every song ever recorded by him.  I was just like every other girl in the world who loved the songs “I Think I Love You” and “Cherish.”  My personal favorite song is “Brown Eyes” probably because I have brown eyes.  I know, so do millions of others.  Brown Eyes was one of the sweetest and most romantic songs and with that voice, it made me melt every time I heard it.  Forty something years later, I still have the cassette tape (remember those?) with that song on it.  Every once in awhile when I take a trip down Memory Lane, I will pull out that cassette and listen to that song.

dc9David Cassidy was a phenomenal success by the time he turned 20.  But he was by no means a flash in the pan.  David, to this day 40+ years later, is still recording and selling out performances.  Check out David Cassidy’s official website to find upcoming events.  David has also written a couple of books – one about life as Keith Partridge called “C’mon Get Happy” and the other about his life as David Cassidy, pop icon called “Could It Be Forever.”  Both of these books are available at the Amazon store under David Cassidy. You can also find all of David Cassidy’s music – with the Partridge Family and his solo work – while you are there.