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glendale-wpGlendale, California is a vibrant and growing suburb in the Greater Los Angeles Area.  It offers a variety of activities for all ages.  There are restaurants galore, events for kids, nightclubs, movie theaters, and shopping that is out of this world.

I lived in Glendale for almost 9 months way back in the early 80’s.  I lived exactly one block away from the Galleria.  The Galleria was and still is a 2-story 2-block long shopping mall.  At that time and to me anyways, it was the biggest, most amazing mall.  It contained every store I could ever think of and even a few that I had never thought about.  With the exception of the grocery store, everything I could ever possibly want could be found in at least one of the many stores in the Galleria. 

When you are 18, the important things and everything I could possibly ever want basically included food, the music stores, shoe stores, clothes stores, and whatever my 18-year-old mind had a fetish for at the time.  I had many favorite places in the Galleria, but there were two that I frequented a little more than the others.  First, there was Carl’s Jr. – a Big Boy franchise restaurant.  I was probably there once a week, at least once every other week.  Of course, the big boy platter was my favorite.  My other favorite place was a jewelry store.  I am almost ashamed to admit that I don’t remember the name of the store.  It was not one of those expensive jewelry stores.  It was a costume jewelry store but I was in heaven.  I love earrings.  I didn’t always buy something, but there were not many times when I went to the Galleria that I did not at least check out the earrings in this store.

Glendale was a great place to live.  It had everything we needed.  It had many things we did not need but wanted.  It was close to major attractions – The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyland, Universal Studios.  The beaches and year-round festivals were mind-boggeling – coming from the snow-laden mid-west, beaches and year-round anything was a new concept.

Real estate in Glendale, or anywhere near Los Angeles for that matter, is extremely high compared to the Mid West.  The prices of everything else were fairly comparable to what I was used to in Ohio but the real estate was out of this world.  In 1980 we paid $650 a month in rent for a 3-bedroom, 3-bath home with a 2’ x 8’ front yard, no side yards, and 2 renters in the converted garage.  In Ohio, we would probably not pay that much in rent in that situation right now let alone 30+ years ago.  I cannot imagine what that same house rents for today.  It’s a trade off.  If you want the endless opportunities that the Greater Los Angeles Area has to offer, you have to pay the price for real estate.  If you want to save money on real estate, you live in the Mid-West.  To be quite honest, the older I get, the more I am willing to pay the price.