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rick springfieldEverybody who lived through the 80’s, and even a few who didn’t, wished they were Jessie’s Girl.  Or…we wanted to be the girl to make Rick Springfield forget about Jessie’s Girl. Either way, the growl, the passion, the sexiness heard in his voice drove women wild.  Me included.  While we are drooling and fantasizing over the bad boy rock ‘n roller, we are introduced to Dr. Noah Drake – the upstanding and charming doctor at General Hospital in Port Charles.

Rick has had many ups and downs during his life – both professional and personally.  He a written an autobiography titled “Late, Late at Night” in which he describes life growing up in Australia with a brief stint in England and eventually the move to the United States.    There were dark periods in Rick’s life which he writes about with humor and honesty.  Rick’sbook is available at the Amazon.com store.  It is an interesting and enlightening book.

While reading the book, I learned that Rick Springfield lived in Glendale, California.  I mention this because I also lived in Glendale and I believe I saw Rick once.  Not that I knew it at the time.  And since it was more years ago than I (or Rick, for that matter) care to remember, the only proof I have is well…my memory.  Unfortunately, as the older I get, the less unreliable my memory has become.  But…I will go to my grave believing I saw the incredibly sexy Rick Springfield.

So here’s the story that I have only shared with a couple of people because I believe most people would think I am crazy.  Now I realize that I am and because people already think I am crazy.  So here it is.  I was living in a rented house on Elk St. in Glendale with my brother and his family.  After an unfortunate event, we all decided to move back home to be closer to family.  The 30-day notice was given to the landlord and we started packing our stuff.  About a week before we left, the landlord brought a potential renter over to look at the house.  And I believe, with my whole heart, that the potential renter was Rick Springfield.  He was standing in the doorway looking at one of the three bedrooms (mine and I hope the bed was made) as I walked through the family room and out the back door.  This happened about a year before the introduction of Dr. Noah Drake or Jessie’s Girl. 

So if this was a year before he became famous, why would I remember this and make me think it was him?  Because I remember that he was incredibly tall, had dark hair just below his collar, and he just oozed sexiness all over the place.  Few people can leave a lasting impression with just one glance.  The guy looking at the house on Elk Street in Glendale that day was one of them.   

I know IF I ever met Rick Springfield, AND my brain functioned rationally enough to ask a coherent question, he would never remember a house that he only looked at 30-something years ago.  Maybe I am crazy but I will always believe that I was for at least 30 seconds in the same room with Rick Springfield.

Rick continues to write, record, and tour with an ever growing repertoire of thought-provoking, blood-pumping and ooh so sexy songs.  His latest endeavor is an album of “Songs for the End of the World” which is also available at Amazon.com or from his website.  Also Rick has also made a documentary entitled “An Affair of the Heart: The Journey of Rick Springfield and his Devoted Fans.”  Check it out!