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sp70Steve Perry took a little known progressive rock band called Journey  from obscurity to mega stardom in the early 80’s.  He was given the nickname ‘The Voice’ by Jon Bon Jovi because  his powerhouse and melodic voice changed the sound of rock ‘n roll.  Steve’s two-octave voice introduced the world to the ‘power ballad’ with songs such as Who’s Crying Now, Open Arms, and Faithfully.  His voice is one-of-a-kind and can never be duplicated – by anyone, EVER.

I have never met Steve Perry.  I have never seen him concert with Journey or on his solo tours but… I do remember when I became a Journey fan and fell in love with Steve Perry.  There are actually two memories – I don’t actually remember which one happened first.

I was at my best friend’s house.  Her cousin was also there.  The three of us were just hanging out – not really doing anything useful – talking and listening to the radio.  During a commercial, I asked her cousin if he knew who sang ‘that na na na song.’  He told me that the name of the song was Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ by Journey.  It was stuck in my head.

The other memory is of a show called ‘The Blue Jean Network.’  They aired live concerts – edited and formatted to fit my TV screen and time slot.  This particular night it was Journey’s turn.  In an over-stuffed chair, I anxiously wait.  As the show begins Steve Perry belts out the first song and my jaw hits the floor.  Not only does he have the most angelic and emotional voice, but this man is GORGEOUS!

My jaw is still on the floor as I watch this man put every ounce of himself in every song.  I watch his black, shoulder-length hair flow as he runs around the stage.  I notice his skin tight blue jeans and the tiny little shirt he wears.   Also, his crooked little smile and those soulful brown eyes that seem to only be looking at you could not be ignored.  But as delicious as this man looked, it was not his most impressive quality.

The thing that made the biggest impression was this huge, powerful voice coming out of this seemingly tiny man.  Steve shared his heart and soul with every note, every word.  The high notes were effortlessly executed as well as the raspy low notes.  I watched this whole show with my jaw on the floor and sitting on the edge of my chair.  I have never before, or since, heard a more amazing voice.  The show ended with ‘Wheel In The Sky.’  I hang my head as I admit that is the only song I actually remember from the show.  (In my defense – it was 30 something years ago.)

Steve Perry recorded seven studio albums with Journey as well as a live album.  Steve was instrumental in Journey’s Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits 2 compilations.  He also recorded two solo albums along with a Greatest Hits album of his own.  Although he is not recording anymore, he still remains active in the music industry.

My love affair – at least on my end – with Steve Perry is as strong, if not stronger, now as it was when I watched that jaw-dropping concert on ‘The Blue Jean Network’ so many years ago.  Steve, over the past 30+ years, has seen many up and downs – both professionally and personally.  The highs were met with humbleness and gratitude and the lows were handled with class and dignity.

Steve Perry IS The Voice.

Because of my mp3 player, Steve has become my constant companion.  I take him with me where ever I go.  If you would like Steve to  be your constant companion, head on over the Amazon.com store.